ETG 57-00

The purpose of this blog is to catalog, verify, analyze & discuss All Things Gein. As in Edward Gein, the murderer & grave robber, whose crimes were horrifically revealed to the world in 1957.  Not necessarily merely the crimes of Gein in & of themselves, but the backdrops & catalysts that made Ed tick.

There are dozens & dozens of general overviews, along with a handful of published texts to be found, but version-to-version comparisons reveal striking discrepancies and flat-out erroneous information.  Not to mention; far too much fictionalization.  The case study is too iconic, too fascinating a snapshot of the Human Animal to be inaccurate about.

If the reader is less than familiar with this true crime story, get the gist of it via Wikipedia (though please note; there are inaccuracies there, also) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Gein

For some reason, Wikipedia disallows any unpublished sources or original research, yet will happily source the erroneous & unverified… as long as it has an ISBN number.  Pretty sure I recall reading this somewhere on that site : “To hell with anyone searching for the Truth.” ~ Wikipedia. 😉

Well, I am proud to announce a new book is in intense development,as dogged research has uncovered too much new & significant information to allow it to languish in a blog. The Truth is out there.